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Spa Bundle

All products have less than 0.3% THC - so you get all the benefits, and never a high.

    Treat yourself to two of our top selling topical products and enrich your beauty and recovery regime. Our nourishing face masks are best used to relax and nourish your skin while recovering from a day out in the sun or just having a spa-day at home. Our topical lavender and eucalyptus infused Salve provides targeted relief for muscle pain and inflammation, which is best used on sore muscles and joints. You'll absolutely love this bundle.

  • Face mask: 
    Our face masks are made from natural fiber found in wood pulp and are completely biodegradable. They feel like fabric; soft, breathable, lightweight and comfortable. In addition to our broad spectrum hemp oil they’re also made with rosemary extract (to protect skin cells from sun damage), polygonum cuspidatum extract (an anti-oxidant that promotes skin health), black licorice root extract (to improve skin elasticity), anthemis nobilis flower extract (to relieve inflammation and calm the skin), and sodium hyaluronate (to help hydrate skin). Certificate of Analysis

    The oil that goes into all of our products is extracted from high quality hemp grown organically in the USA. Our salves are made with Beeswax, MCT Oil and our exclusive phytocannabinoid rich Hemp Oil and provide targeted relief for muscle pain and inflammation. Available in regular and extra strength our customers have reported great success managing the effects of several conditions.

    500 MG Certificate of Analysis

    Face mask Benefits:  Helps protect skin cells from damage, protects skin from photo-aging and oxidative stress, improves skin elasticity, relieves inflammation, calms sensitive skin, inhibits the growth of bacteria, and helps maintain a healthy level of hyaluronic acid in the skin. Our ingredients work together synergistically to keep skin young and healthy.

    Salve Benefits: Our salve is not only a moisturizing balm but it also enlists the help of your body’s endocannabinoid system to promote healing from within.

    All products contain les than 0.3% THC.

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