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4 Tips For Making It Through Dry January

December 30, 2022 2 min read

4 Tips For Making It Through Dry January

31 days without alcohol? Easier said than done. Dry January is no easy feat but perseverance could lead to a healthy start to the new year. 

Dry January has become increasingly popular among legal-aged adults as drinkers look to reset their bodies in the New Year. 

Ready to take on the challenge? Here are a few of my go-to tricks when opting to skip the booze.

1. Turn Your Favorite Cocktail Into A Mocktail

Dry January doesn’t mean you have to skip out on “happy hour”. Turn your favorite cocktail into a mocktail by simply omitting the alcohol and adding a splash of La Croix or another mixer in place of the alcohol. To still get that “relaxing” feeling, I love adding a dose of Malibu Wave’s USDA Organic Natural Tincture to my drink.

2. Make CBD Gummies Your New Nightcap

Swap your nightly glass of wine for a THC-free CBD gummy. CBD gummies can help relax you without the added calories of alcohol or the next day foggy brain. Malibu Wave’s Fruit Gummies are made with real fruit flavors and infused with broad spectrum CBD for a tasty and convenient way to unwind at night.

3. Swap “Happy Hour” For Another Mood-Boosting Activity

Skip the 5 o’clock cocktails and add a mood-boosting activity to your evening routine. I love a 30-minute evening walk to unwind from a busy day. 

4. Encourage A Friend To Participate in Dry January With You

Enlist a friend or family member to do the challenge with you. By partnering up with someone else, you can hold one another accountable and encourage each other when temptation creeps in. 

I hope these tricks will help you successfully conquer dry January.

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